January 2020

Board Member Dianna Morgan

A Leadership Journey

Our Women in Energy steering committee had the pleasure of joining leadership to host two dynamic and motivating Women in Energy events, held in DeBary, FL and in Dover, DE. At both events, our female colleagues happily welcomed Board Member Dianna Morgan as the featured guest speaker who presented, A Leadership Journey – Lessons for my Daughter.

Dianna Morgan’s leadership journey is impressive and inspirational. She shared personal narratives about her experiences in the workplace as a female coworker, leader and working mother. Dianna Morgan’s reflections encouraged our very own women in energy to continue to seize opportunities to achieve their greatest potential and to create the life and career that they always dreamed.

Dianna Morgan, a Chesapeake Board Member since 2008, had a 30-year career with the Walt Disney World Co. where she served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Public Affairs. She also led the development of The Disney Institute, as Disney brought best practices in customer service, people management and leadership development to the marketplace.

At the time of Dianna Morgan’s retirement, Disney created a special award recognizing her love for her community, The Dianna Morgan Children’s Champion Award, is presented to organizations exemplifying outstanding service to children.


“I am continually proud of the women in our Company. The engagement and enthusiasm displayed by our employees and their desire to share experiences, both successes and failures, are extremely valuable to our organization. I look forward to future meetings and activities sponsored by the Women in Energy program,”


Cheryl Martin
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and sponsor
for the Women in Energy program


Following Dianna Morgan’s presentation in DeBary, FL, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A panel, comprised of leadership including, Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President and CFO; Cheryl Martin, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs; Nicole Carter, Assistant Vice President of Customer Care; Stacie Roberts, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Governance; and Devon Rudloff, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources. Leadership panelists shared insights gained from working at Chesapeake as well as their unique leadership journeys, motivating attendees to continue to believe in their capabilities.

During the Women in Energy event in Dover, DE, Jenn Clausius, Manager, Regulatory; and Devon Rudloff, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, were recognized as the new chairs for the Women in Energy steering committee. Congratulations to Jenn and Devon and thank you to the steering committee and Board Member Dianna Morgan for the success of two amazing Women in Energy events!

“I was honored to be a part of the Women in Energy event and to be on the panel. I thought that it was a great opportunity for us to hear lessons learned from Dianna Morgan. What a great role model she is for all of us! Her ‘8 Key Points’ were remarkable reminders that all of us should be aware of in our own lives. This event exemplifies the Chesapeake culture and how we truly care for each other. What a great forum for us to network and share our story. We all have one to share from which others may learn. Be a champion for women, every day!”

Devon Rudloff
Assistant Vice President and Co-chair
for the Women in Energy program


Learn more about the Company’s Women in Energy program and our female coworkers, highlighted on the Women in Energy site, at chpk.com/women-in-energy-internal.