July/August 2020

A Source of Empowerment

Our women of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation are powering strong in 2020! Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President and CFO; and Danielle Mulligan, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications & Marketing, were featured in The Power Source.  Igniting the Future of Florida. 

The Power Source is issued by Board Member Lila Jaber, founder of the Florida Women in Energy Forum. This monthly publication informs audiences about the energy industry by sharing up-to-date news, and topics and current events, and featuring industry executives and peers as well as provides updates on Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum 2020.

Beth Cooper, Executive Vice President and CFO, is featured in the January 2020 issue of The Power Source.


“There are so many times during my career at Chesapeake Utilities where I was asked to step in and oversee an area that did not utilize my accounting education .Those included corporate secretary/governance, human resources, communications, strategic planning and others. I have gained so many new skills and expanded my knowledge base because of these opportunities. It would have been very easy to shy away from these non-finance areas because I did not have the skills. Today, my capabilities and knowledge are much broader than Finance/Accounting,” said Beth Cooper.


Read more about Beth’s professional experiences and insight of the Company, energy industry and our Women in Energy program.

“She is such a rare talent. Beth has been with Chesapeake Utilities for 30 years in various positions,” said Board Member Lila Jaber.


View the video commentary from Board Member Lila Jaber as she introduces the inaugural Power Source issue which highlights Beth Cooper and discusses our Company’s Women in Energy program. 


Danielle Mulligan, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Communications & Marketing is featured in the March 2020 issue of The Power Source.


“Don’t be afraid to bring new insights and opinions with you, but remember that success is about the relationships you build. There are a lot of smart and talented people in the world, but what sets you apart is your ability to inspire, motivate and be helpful to the people around you. Seemingly impossible endeavors are rarely accomplished alone. They are accomplished by combining efforts, talents and hard work,” said Danielle Mulligan.

Learn more about Danielle’s career experiences as she shares her
knowledge on leadership, teamwork, the energy industry and our
Company’s Women in Energy program.