July/August 2018

Pictured is Dean Holden, Manager, Business Development, who represents the Leadership Central Delaware 2014 class that earned the Best in Class Award.


Team members attended the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) Awards for Excellence held at Dover Downs Hotel & Conference Center in Dover, DE. The event recognized businesses and individuals for excellence in business and the community as well as applauded the Leadership Central Delaware graduates.

In its sixteenth year, the Leadership Central Delaware (LCD) program prepares leaders of tomorrow with the information, knowledge and resources that they need to enhance our communities in which we work and live. The 10-month program, sponsored by the CDCC and other local businesses, begins in September. The program offers team building and leadership skills as participants explore economic drivers – agricultural, tourism, energy, environment, healthcare and community awareness as well as business development and education, including aspects related to government, criminal justice, public safety and media and communications.

Congratulations to Jennifer Vandervort, Sales Representative, who was one of the 28 participants in the 2018 LCD program. Also, a round of applause to Kisha Brown, Operations Analysis Manager; and Debbie Smith, Community Engagement Manager, who will be joining the 2019 LCD program in September.

Pictured, left to right, are Mike Clevens, Manager, Construction & Design; Kisha Brown, Operations Analysis Manager; Debbie Smith, Community Engagement Manager; Shane Breakie, Director, Sales & Energy Service; Dean Holden, Manager, Business Development; and Mike Stock, Senior Director of Corporate Communications.