Aspiring Times 2021 - 1st Quarter

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation’s Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes are our teammates who perform many of the responsibilities behind the scenes to ensure that Company departments, projects and processes are managed successfully. Daily we interact with these colleagues through phone conversations, emails and/or Webex meetings.

The Women in Energy committee selected employees, nominated by peers. Through three WIE Huddles during September through November, the committee featured each honoree in recognition of their continuous incredible work while sharing various fun facts, inspirations and goals of these individuals.

Our Hidden Heroes!

*** MEL: I don’t have photos… did you share them with me somewhere?

[NOTE: may we include a slideshow of each of the chosen heroes over the three WIE Huddles – do you have all of the original photos of each?]

Visit the employee app, CaresConnect, to view the WIE Huddles that highlighted our Hidden Heroes.