January 2020

Customer Care in the Cue

Customer Care is excited to announce a new service that is available to customers who call to speak with a call center representative. The Customer Care team has partnered with VHT, a technology company that offers innovative callback solutions. VHT invented voice callback in 1996 and has over 600 deployments in more than 20 countries. VHT processed over 140,000,000 callbacks in 2018.

This technology allows customers to request a callback instead of waiting on hold to speak with a representative. VHT will hold a customer’s place in queue and then call the customer when a representative becomes available. The goal of this service is to provide the customer more control over their experience, thus reducing customer frustration that can sometimes happen when a customer is placed on hold.

Chesapeake Utilities’ VHT call back in queue technology launched in 2019, and is one of several projects that Customer Care continues to execute to implement tools that drive an enhanced customer experience.

We are committed to keeping you informed along the way. So stay tuned for more information!