July/August 2018

Debbie Bonner, Senior Land Clerk Aspire Energy

Debbie Bonner, Senior Land Clerk, has a caring disposition that translates from outside of work to within her role at Aspire Energy. Prior to working for Aspire Energy, Debbie took some time from her career to care for ailing parents and in-laws. She had worked for Gatherco Inc. with many colleagues now with Aspire Energy who identified the value of Debbie’s expertise and devoted nature.

During the merger agreement with Gatherco Inc., Debbie was asked to join the team and temporarily assist with the preparation of schedules and other processes aligned with the execution of the merger. Since then, Debbie has been with Aspire Energy, enjoying being part of the Chesapeake family.

“I appreciate the people with whom I work the most in my job. They are committed to getting the job done and doing so while having some fun,” said Debbie. “Every day is different and there are always new things to learn. Aspire Energy has a wonderful facility and I like being part of achieving Company goals. The employees make you feel like you belong, from the first day!”

“Aspire Energy has a wonderful facility and I like being part of achieving Company goals. The employees make you feel like you belong, from the first day!”

– Debbie Bonner, Senior Land Clerk

Since 1984, Debbie has been working in the energy industry. She began as a bookkeeper and inventory specialist and progressed to the land department, preparing gas marketing contracts and legal documents. Following her experience with the land department, Debbie transferred to the accounting department for 15 years. She was responsible for fixed assets, accounts payable, general ledger accounting, vehicle licensing and titling, and tax filings.

“When I returned to Aspire Energy in July 2015, there had been quite a few changes since I worked in the land department,” said Debbie. “There is so much information that you may obtain from online and it speeds up the process tremendously.”

“I truly enjoy working with so many talented, knowledgeable and giving individuals at Aspire Energy. I look forward to continuing my career with the Chesapeake family and my contributions to the goals and successes that we are all aspiring to achieve.”

– Debbie Bonner, Senior Land Clerk

Within her current role, Debbie researches and prepares agreements for Aspire Energy’s pipeline right-of-ways, meter sites, regulator sites and other projects within the land department. Debbie maintains the database for all agreements and registers new agreements with the respective county recorder. She reviews land information and is involved with the due diligence for potential acquisitions. Debbie also assists with the planning and preparation for projects’ construction phases and is integral in maintaining a rapport with landowners following the completion of projects.

Debbie’s creative and caring energy is reflected in her involvement in the community. She has participated in the Thanksgiving For All campaign and many other and many other Company events in support of the People to People Ministries’ initiatives, Toys for Tots and back-to-school programs.

“Helping the children with choosing clothing for the back-to-school program was very heartwarming,” said Debbie. “They were so excited to pick out clothes and backpacks for school.”

Within the community, Debbie and her husband help needy families during the holidays and assist in raising funds for individuals who are suffering from chronic illnesses. Though Debbie’s kindness doesn’t stop here. She has extended her community outreach beyond Ohio as a member of the Association of Desk & Derrick Clubs (ADCC), an industry leader in promoting energy education and professional development. On a semi-monthly basis, Debbie contributes to the ADCC’s causes and participates in the association’s fundraising campaign for scholarships awarded to individuals in an energy-related field.

“It is a pleasure working with Debbie. She is a valued employee who shares her vast knowledge of how a Land Department functions. She uses her strong organizational skills to prepare paperwork for our three Landmen to negotiate Right-of-Way Agreements with all landowners impacted by our projects. Debbie always has a kind word and an engaging smile that brightens the day for all of us at Aspire Energy.”

– John Cramer, Engineering Manager