May 2017

George Alan Hall Named FNGA Person of the Year and Danielle Mulligan Honored with the Marketing Representative Recognition Award!

Left to right, are Mike McCarty, Manager, Measurement and Operations Compliance; and George Alan Hall, Measurement Technician II

Congratulations to George Alan Hall (Alan), Measurement Technician II, for being recognized as the Donald L. Napier Person of the Year at the Florida Natural Gas Association’s (FNGA) annual convention! Nominees for the FNGA award had to demonstrate outstanding performance in the gas industry distribution.

 As nominated by Mike McCarty, Manager, Measurement and Operations Compliance, Alan found his true niche in 2001 when he was promoted to Measurement Technician. At that time, Alan began working on large meters, regulators and electronic communications equipment at the Company’s gate, district and industrial stations. Following the merger between Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and FPU, Alan’s duties expanded.

A significant challenge was presented with the development of the Eight Flags Energy CHP Plant. This project required many technologies that the Company had never before engaged. The turbine would ultimately produce electricity for Amelia Island, necessitating compression of the natural gas, a glycol bath heater to heat the gas to a minimum of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and various filters to remove impurities before the gas reached the turbine.

In recognition and appreciation for her services rendered to the membership of the FNGA, Danielle Mulligan, Marketing Manager, was honored with the “Marketing Representative Recognition Award.” Danielle is the Marketing Chair for the FNGA.

Also, ultrasonic meters were essential that could communicate with the SCADA system and the control center. Tasked with finding the best method to accomplish all of this and have it work seamlessly, Alan spent months, including many weekends, gaining the knowledge and understanding of all the equipment. Having met with vendors and manufacturers, Alan ultimately prepared the metering equipment for optimum operating efficiency.

Alan continues to keep FPU up-to-date with new technology and is always prepared to meet the evolving challenges that the Company