January 2020

Look Back, Move Forward

Our Aspiring Scholars alum continue to shine! Some of our Aspiring Scholars from the Class of 2015 shared their milestones achieved over the last four years.

“One thing that I can say about my experience is learning how to find true friends and how to properly spend your time. My first year was difficult because I was shy and reached out to any friends that would get along with me. Once I realized I was prioritizing my time incorrectly and was spending time with the wrong people, I was able to take the communications lessons personally. Soon enough I was able to have friends for a lifetime and learned how to prioritize communication strengths learned from my courses and relationships with coworkers and friends.”

Molly Wilson, intern at Sharp Energy and daughter of Kevin Wilson (SHARP), graduated from Bob Jones University with a degree in Journalism.

“The Aspiring Scholarship Award helped tremendously with my undergraduate experience. It placed a sense of relief on me and my parents when it came to the financial burden of attending college out of state.”

Amber Diehl, daughter of Fran Diehl (FPU), graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, with a degree in Agro-Business/Business Administration.

“Both of my kids earned the Aspiring Scholars Award and I am very thankful. My daughter graduated most recently earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and Chesapeake played a role in her success.”


 – Fran Diehl, Senior Manager, Safety & Compliance

“Four years ago, I received the Aspiring Scholar recognition which has helped me pay for college. I have just graduated from Salisbury University with a degree in Elementary Education. I will now be a third grade teacher in Somerset County, MD. My dream since I was around 5 years old was to become a teacher and that dream has now become reality!”

Courtney Baylous, daughter of Rodney Baylous (SHARP), graduated in May from Salisbury University with a degree in Elementary Education.

“Four years ago I was selected as one of the Chesapeake Aspiring Scholars and today, it still means a lot. I am very thankful for Chesapeake’s support with my education.”

Connor Grosshanten, son of Julie St. Clair (FPU), who graduated in May with a degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida.