July/August 2018


We are driven by our strategy and energized by our employees who form our caring culture. Working together, encouraging each other and identifying new and challenging opportunities generate our powerful growth.



Milestones 2017 | Ohio

At their annual Holiday Celebration, our Aspire Energy colleagues were recognized for all that they do for our customers and within the communities at the Wooster Country Club in Wooster, OH. During the celebration, the following employees were honored for their 2017 milestones:

Celebrating 15 Years

Deanna Beadle
Back Office Analyst – Accounting

Celebrating 10 Years

Christopher Beun
Operations Supervisor

Michael Blakenship
Project Coordinator

Johnny Lance
Operations Technician

Sherri Morgan
Customer Accounts Specialist II

Celebrating 5 Years

John Lewis
Operations Technician

Cory Vance
Marketing Representative


MILESTONES 2017 | Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia

The Annual Celebration held at Dover Downs Hotel & Conference Center in Dover, DE celebrated our Company’s 2017 achievements and our employees’ successes. The following employees were recognized for reaching milestones in years of service in 2017:

Celebrating 50 Years

Junior Council
Corrosion and Leak Specialist II

Celebrating 35 Years

Duane Harrell
Compressor Technician II

Celebrating 30 Years

Terry Campbell
Gas Supply Analyst I

Matt Dewey
Director, Business Unit Accounting

Marvin Johnson
Manager, Land & Right-of-Way

Arleen Murchison
Accounting Specialist III

Celebrating 25 Years

Cathy Harrington
Transportation Services Analyst I

Larry Howton
Pipeline Locator Technician II

Rickard Parks
Utilicis Progress Programmer

Celebrating 20 Years

Jim Ferguson
Supervisor, Gas Operations

Dave Henault
Pipeline Integrity Technician I

Bill Hermstedt
Manager, Transmission, Pipeline Safety

Scott Jestice
Manager, Construction Coordinator

Lynn Muir
Manager, Customer Experience

Bert Owens
Fleet Technician

Penny Schoolfield
Lead Payment Processor, Back Office Administration

Vince Stewart
Meter Technician II

Dale Treuber
Delivery Driver

Steve Tull
Manager, Compliance and Gas Conversion

Frank Wildermuth
Conversion Coordinator

Celebrating 15 Years

Denise Collins
Manager, Billing Systems Administration

Shirley Cope
Customer Service Representative III

Dave Dagg
Meter Technician II

Geri Murray
Cash Disbursement Analyst III

Jason Woody
Transportation Project Coordinator II

Bob Zola
President, Sharp Energy

Celebrating 10 Years

Shelly Burrowes
Administrative Support Specialist

Jon Carrington
Designer II

Justin Chambers
Pipeline Integrity Technician I

Ginny Cichowski
Customer Service Representative II

Sydney Davis
Digital Communications Manager

Joey Harrison
Manager Service

Laura Hufschmidt
Supervisor, Billing and Payment Procurement

Kevin Jones
Manager, Bulk Plant Construction

Marie Kozel
Regulatory Analyst III

Tom Kosikowski
Senior Data Analyst

Will Kriss
Manager, Gas Supply/ Transportation Services

Tiffany Palmer
Manager, Business Unit Accounting

John Petro
Senior Manager, Business Unit Applications

Brent Porter
Senior Manager, Brand and Strategic Business Communications

Tina Rawls
Wholesale and Supply Administrator

Ed Rees
Helpdesk Analyst

Chris Stryker
Manager, Measurement

Jeff Weiss
Business Plan Analyst II

Celebrating 5 Years

Cathy Alt
Senior Director, Financial Policy

Josh Annand
District System Technician II

Kahli Baker
Manager, Business Unit Accounting

Erik Billy
Senior Systems Administrator

Todd Brown
Service Technician

Mike Clevens
Manager, Construction & Design

John Crawford
Service Technician

Andy Hessen
Assistant Vice President, Sharp Energy

Sharon Jackson
Customer Service Representative II

Steve Keyser
Supervisor, Line Locator

Bobby Legar
Meter Technician II

Tom Mahn
Vice President, Treasurer

Aaron Mazur
Accountant II

Solomon McCloskey
Senior Manager, Transportation Pipeline Operations

Bill O'Brien
Associate General Counsel

Nick Pereira
SCADA Administrator

Rick Shertzer
District Manager

Brent Warfield
Inspector I

Harry Wise
Delivery Driver

MILESTONES 2017 | Florida

Congratulations to our colleagues in Florida who celebrated milestones in 2017!

Celebrating 45 Years

Samuel Gilchriest
Propane Operator I

Celebrating 35 Years

Ronald Carlton
Distribution Technician I/Inspector

Celebrating 30 Years

Richard Brabson
Operations Technician II

Jerry Lewis
Manager, Capital Projects

William McDaniel
Distribution Technician I

Michelle Napier
Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Celebrating 25 Years

Rhondon Gray
Safety Coordinator II - Electric

Randy Taylor
Manager, Operations and Engineering

Donnie Tew
Assistant Engineer

Celebrating 20 Years

Donna Fowler
Manager, Stores - Electric

Claude Larmoine
Distribution Technician I

Celebrating 15 Years

James Ingalls
Distribution Technician I

Matthew Ryan
Supervisor, Gas Operations

Jarrett Smith
Commercial Sales Account Manager

Leb Stepherson
Builder/Developer Account Manager

Celebrating 10 Years

Stephen Amos
Apprentice Lineman

Justin Beverly
IMC Technician II

Jevon Brown
Meter Reader

George Freeman
Operations Technician II

Linda Gamble
Customer Service Representative II

Michael Ilnisky

Jean Jaentschke
Customer Service Representative II

Kenneth Kennedy
Distribution Technician II

Roger LaCharite
Manager, Customer Care Front Office

Kira Lake
Manager, Business Services

Mauro Ruini
Commercial Sales Accountant Manager

Mark Thompson
Key Accounts Account Manager

Shannon Wagner
Crew Leader

Celebrating 5 Years

Katie Blades
Engineering Clerk

David Johnson
Engineering Technician

Debra Szymanski
Inside Sales Representative