January 2020

Pictured, beginning third from the left are Eric Hagans, Operations Technician; Dan Whitley, Senior Engineer, fourth from the left; John Lewis, Operations Technician, fourth from the right; Ben Harvey, Engineering Manager, third from the right; and John Cramer, Manager, Operations, second from the right, who were on tour at the Gas Technology facility.

Sharing Smart Energy

Aspire Energy’s operations and engineering teams visited Gas Technology Corporation near Abilene, TX, to see the new MRUs (Mechanical Refrigeration Units) that are being ordered to replace the business unit’s Meigs and Homer units. These new units will allow us to meet higher capacity demands and produce higher quality propane that will go directly to market without needing to be transported for outside refining.

Aspire Energy hosted students from Meadowbrook High School at one of Aspire Energy’s propane sites near Mt. Vernon, OH. The students were interested in careers in the oil and gas industry. At the site, students had the opportunity to observe the installation of a 30,000-gallon propane tank using a 165-ton crane. Thank you to Aspire Energy and to Ben Harvey, Engineering Manager, for inspiring our future generation!