January 2020

Sharp Energy Fleets

Sharp Energy added four Peterbilt Model 337 bobtail trucks to their fleet in 2019.

In 2018, delivery drivers met to explore truck options to add to the fleet. After careful consideration and hours of test driving, drivers decided on the Peterbilt Model 337. Since then, Bert Owens, Fleet Technician, was hard at work making sure the trucks would be ready for the heavy delivery seasons.

Each Peterbilt, fabricated by D.W. Camden, are run by a PX-9 Diesel engine and an Allison 3000 series six speed transmission. The 330 horsepower engine and transmission is known for being more fuel efficient and perfect for the mounted 3,499 gallon propane barrel.

The first vehicle added to the fleet was taken to the Sharp Energy location in Pocomoke, MD. Later in the season, one of the four Peterbilts is located in Georgetown, DE and has a bobtail design for the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware.

Also, each truck within the fleet includes safety features such as bright parking and warning LED lights and lighting kits on the top and underneath of the loading deck on the rear of the propane barrel. These enable better access to the new fluid control meters when working early and late delivery hours.