July/August 2020

WIE Mission:  To support the women at Chesapeake Utilities in engaging with one another and to encourage the open exchange of ideas and experiences for the betterment of all.

“We will continue to look for creative ways to drive our Women in Energy program forward and we always welcome ideas from all of our employees. We are all new to this way of doing business, and we will look for ways to provide opportunities to continue our Women in Energy program, which includes mentorship and inspirational activities, employee development, networking, community partnerships, education, employee retention and advancement support and other opportunities for our Women in Energy and the entire Chesapeake Utilities team.”

Cheryl Martin, Vice President, Regulatory & Governmental Affairs; and Executive Sponsor of the Women in Energy program.


Our Women in Energy committee is comprised of female colleagues across our business areas. Recently, the committee welcomed new members to form the 2020-2021 committee including the following team members:

  • Cheryl Martin, Vice President, Regulatory; and Executive Sponsor of the Women in Energy program
  • Devon Rudloff, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, and First Chair of the Women in Energy program
  • Jenn Clausius, Manager, Business Planning, and Second Chair of the Women in Energy program
  • Melissa Stamper, HR Experience Coordinator, and Committee Lead of the Women in Energy program
  • Vicki Brand, Supervisor, Gas Operations
  • Shelly Burrowes, Administrative Support Specialist
  • Crystal Campbell, Manager, Marketing & Communications
  • Jamie Como, Inspector
  • Fran Diehl, Director, Safety & Compliance
  • Kim Gantz, Marketing Representative
  • Teresa Gretencord, Director, Administration
  • Preya John, Manager, Propane Operations
  • Jackie Mayan, Business Development Manager
  • Jackie Mildren, Senior Operations Analyst
  • Liz Miller, Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

“Being a part of the Women in Energy program with Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is a huge honor. I get to work amongst some of the strongest and most influential women within our company and industry. As a new committee member, my ideas are valued and my voice is heard and understood. It’s really amazing to be a part of great conversations, impactful and successful events, and a committee that is making a difference by bringing women to the forefront. I am proud to say I am on the Chesapeake Utilities Corporation Women in Energy Committee!”

Vicki Brand, Supervisor, Gas Operations

“I am most enjoying the dedication, interaction and compassion that we the women of Chesapeake Utilities have for one another.  Also, to mention the program embodies empowerment that is defined in part as, ‘the process of becoming stronger and more confident.’  I am proud to be part of the Women in Energy program and making an impact on today’s society”.

Shelly Burrowes, Administrative Support Specialist

A round of applause to our Women in Energy committee as they continue the conversation by encouraging employees to remain connected and to share ideas, experiences and expertise. Weekly, the Women in Energy committee has been hosting WIE Huddles, which are presented by fellow colleagues and feature informative, timely and interesting topics. The topics are applicable to all, focusing upon best practices, safety tips and/or general intel related to our industry, daily routines and adapting to the “new norm.”

“The Women in Energy steering committee’s goal is to provide virtual webinars with topics that are useful and inspiring as well as continue to engage our employees during this unprecedented time. As part of the WIE Huddle series, I was given the opportunity to present on the topic: Inspiring Others During A Crisis. My current role encompasses employee engagement, so this topic could not be more fitting. It has never been more important to engage, encourage, inspire and show compassion toward everyone. With so much transpiring all around us in the world, today, it is easy to forget to inspire and to be inspired! This topic was a way to tap into that inspiration. While preparing for my presentation, it served as a reminder to me as well. I am thankful for the opportunity and hope that the presentation was an inspiration to others.”

Melissa Stamper, Employee Experience Coordinator, presented WIE Huddle:  Inspiring Others During a Crisis


“It was a privilege to share through the WIE Huddle! I hope we are better prepared for the upcoming hurricane season as a result!”

Scott Ranck, Manager, Energy Conservation, presented WIE Huddle:  Hurricane Preparedness


“The WIE Huddle, How to Lead and Influence Others During a Crisis, featured an interview with former NFL guard and member of the San Francisco’s 1995 Super Bowl champion squad, DSU Football Head Coach Rod Milstead.  I have known Coach Milstead and wanted to present a leader in our community and how they are managing through this crisis. It was an honor to work with Coach Milstead,  and I thought it would be interesting for our employees to get a different perspective on how the crisis is being handled by others. Coach Milstead shared his leadership approach and the ongoing collaboration with his staff and athletes through the cancellation of all on-campus athletics, the closing of the campus and preparation of the upcoming season.”

Teresa Gretencord, Director, Administration, presented WIE Huddle:  How to Lead and Influence Others During a Crisis


“Being a presenter on the WIE Huddle was a great opportunity for me to participate in an exciting new program. The WIE Huddle is a well-organized weekly event that brings a wide variety of topics to larger groups across the Company. In BIS, we are working to help each user become more productive with the tools we have available. I presented on Webex Tips and Tricks and during this time especially, we are all utilizing this productivity tool. So it was a chance for us to reach more individuals. I hope to be able to present on more topics for future WIE Huddles and hope that everyone takes time to use these events to learn something new.”

Kevin Smith, BIS Analyst, presented WIE Huddle:  Webex Tips


Visit the Women in Energy portal at chpk.com/women-in-energy-internal to learn more about the program, committee members, and our female colleagues as they share advice, wisdom and career experiences.

Also, check out the Women in Energy portal or the CaresConnect employee app to view recordings of the prior WIE Huddles.